Country Club Estates

413 W 11th St  Alexandria, IN 46001

Min. Invest $50,000
Target Hold 84 mo
Annualized Returns 14%
Progress - 0% Pledged

Country Club Estates

80 unit stabilized apartment complex with garden style and townhouse units with ample opportunity to raise rents.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount: Targeted ROI: IRR:
Preferred Equity
70/30 Waterfall Participation
84 Months $1,400,000 14% 13%

Why Invest?

  1. Significant upside in rent - current rent is below market by $50-$125 adding value immediately upon new lease execution.
  2. Current owner is overseas and has poor management in place. This opens up a great opportunity to streamline processes and increase the net operating income almost immediately.
  3. Minimal Capex needed as the property has been well maintained and is ready to support the increased rent.
  4. Unique townhouse style property allows for much larger square footage than any property in the area which demands higher rent than competition.

Country Club Estates

This investment is projected to return approximately 9% annualized cash on cash return. ADPI Capital will seek disposition in approximately 7 years at which time returns are projected to be an investor IRR of approximately 13%.

Financial Sources

Debt Financing $2,437,500
Private Equity $1,400,000

Financial Uses

Purchase Price $3,250,000
Loan Down Payment $812,000
Closing Costs $48,000
Acquisition Fee $40,000
Financing Fees $55,000
Renovations $45,000
Legal & Accounting Fees $20,000
Third Party Reports $23,000
Working Capital $35,000

Property Summary

80 unit apartment complex containing garden style and townhouse apartments on a beautifully landscaped site. The property overlooks a golf course which provides additional rental income for those units. Country Club Estates is adjacent to the middle school and provides some of the area’s only townhouse style apartments. That combined with new management provides a unique opportunity for us to bring this property up to its potential! Country Club Estates offers investors immediate returns and exceptional potential for long-term investment growth.

Address Property Type Property Sq. Feet Bedrooms Bathrooms Year Built Units
413 W 11th St
Alexandria, IN 46001
Multi Unit Residential 0.00 0 0 1972 80

Market Summary

MSA Population - 2015 939,020
Total Employment (Nov 2015) 449,216
Unemployment Rate (June 2016) 4.6%
Ket Industries State Government, Military, Education Health care
Primary Growth Sectors Education, Distribution


Indiana methodically created a business environment where conditions
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The City of Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in the nation according to
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The city of Alexandria, Indiana, in Madison county, is 10 miles North of Anderson, Indiana and 42 miles Northeast of Indianapolis. Local parks near Alexandria include Hoosier Park, Summit Lake Park and Shadyside Memorial Park. Quickly accessible from Alexandria are many higher education schools including Anderson University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Ball State University.